Forest Products and Pulp and Paper

The consultancies for forestry and pulp and paper companies address the gaps that they are usually unable to fill with their staff, or whose frequency does not make it possible for an internal department, are consultants with different biases and focused on meeting all business profiles and supporting all productive process, the most common forms of consulting for forestry companies are described below:

Forest Market Studies

Market research aims to facilitate strategic business decisions. These works characterize and map the market and all its players: competing companies, consumers and suppliers, yet, a market study has to capture some indicators such as sales prices, volume consumed, volume offered, trade balance, freight prices and prices. of inputs, these elements are critical to underpin decision making.

Normally, market studies are hired for new investments, or even by companies that seek to make their business expansion possible and guarantee the supply at good prices.

Produtos Florestais e Papel e Celulose
Produtos Florestais e Papel e Celulose
Produtos Florestais e Papel e Celulose

Operational Excellence Studies

Operational excellence seeks to ensure that forest companies are acting in accordance with best practices in the market, with lower costs and higher profit margin. This work is based on a diagnosis, which are the strengths and weaknesses of how she conducts her operations, what she does, and the benchmarking analysis, which seeks to identify best market practices. Finally, the cross between what the company operates and what is best in the market must outline the action plan for the company to achieve the best results.

Socioenvironmental Studies

Social and environmental projects aim to adapt the production process to what is required by the legislation, but also to help companies that have a vision of sustainable development to achieve their goals, usually in forestry companies, some projects usually contracted are: regularization of native vegetation, mapping of land use, licensing and environmental impact study and report, survey of fauna and flora and support in the company’s environmental certification.

Produtos Florestais e Papel e Celulose


The valuation seeks to estimate the value of the company, forest and / or land for purposes such as: sale of the company, bank guarantee, equity division, IPO and beyond, as a business management tool. The valuation exercise in forestry companies requires a broad knowledge of the production process, from planting costs to administrative expenses, road maintenance, inventory, productivity, harvesting costs, to the sale price of wood. In general, all company income and expenses must be considered in order to be financially analyzed and then the asset or company value assignment.

Forest Inventory

Forest inventory is still the most common way to survey the volume of wood available at planting. It is carried out by sampling plots of known size, where tree heights and circumferences are measured, for later extrapolation for planting. Smart3 has extensive experience in conducting, auditing and managing forest inventories.

Produtos Florestais e Papel e Celulose