Strategy and Market Intelligence Consulting.


Organizational Strategy:

Organizational Analysis, Business Plan, New Projects and Strategic Studies


Market Intelligence and GeoMarketing


Sustainability and
Resource Productivity

Smart3 Consultoria Empresarial specializes in organizational strategy and market intelligence studies. In other words, our focus is to help our clients develop, diagnose and plan their business, in addition to best practices and without losing sight of the market.

Strategy consulting and market intelligence.
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Organizational Strategy

We develop strategic solutions for the success of organizations.

Market Intelligence and GeoMarketing

We seek to provide target market information for potential decision making..

Sustainability and Resource Productivity

We aim to offer the best solutions for social and environmental demands.

Organizational Strategy

Organizational strategy comprises the guideline that drive the company in pursuit of its goals, so that it can be well structured into a plan, but also flexible, with only references or just an idea in the entrepreneur’s mind. In this way, measures can be taken in all situations in search of the best performance and expert advice can assist at this time.

Smart3 estrategias finanças corporativas
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Market Intelligence and GeoMarketing

With Market Intelligence and GeoMarketing, you can get to know better suppliers, competitors, customers, and customers, and you can identify strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities, and keep up with key industry trends. In this sense, we seek to provide relevant information to make decisions according to an organizational strategy.

Sustainability and Resource Productivity

We aim to provide the best solutions for social and environmental demands, for example, environmental reports and licensing, due diligence, certification review, compliance with legislation, in other words, good environmental practices. The social and environmental plan must be aligned with the organizational strategy.

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