Organizational Strategy

Organizational strategy comprises the guideline that drive the company in pursuit of its goals, it can be well defined in the form of a plan, flexible with only predicted milestones or just an idea in the entrepreneur’s head, so in all scenarios, measures can be taken for the best performance and expert advice can assist at this time.

Organizational Analysis

Organizational Analysis focuses on helping the customer achieve the best performance in the market. We seek to create a competitive advantage over competitors based on the implementation of improvements in management processes, innovation and performance.


  • Opportunity Analysis & Improvements
  • Operational Efficiency Improvement
  • Process Restructuring
  • Organizational Restructuring
  • Audits
  • Smart3 Consultoria Empresarial_Estratégia e Inteligência de Mercado
    Smart3 Consultoria Empresarial_Estratégia e Inteligência de Mercado

    Business Plan and New Projects

    To support the construction of business and projects, Smart3 acts from supporting the conception of the business idea to reviewing the established business, also formulating and reviewing the organizational strategy.


  • Business Model Design
  • Financial and Economic Business Structuring /Analysis
  • Business Plan Preparation
  • M&A Process Support: Intermediation and Due Dilligences
  • Company and Asset Valuation
  • Strategic Studies


    Organizational Strategy projects can be broadly diverse, ranging from strategy formulation to managing specific processes such as innovation and governance.


  • Strategy Formulation
  • Strategic Project Management
  • Innovation management
  • Corporate Governance Structuring and Implementation
  • Smart3 Consultoria Empresarial_Estudos Estratégicos

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